Founders and Deism

12 Founding Fathers Deism Deists - Christian Civics Training - Biblical CivicsToday, most people are lead to believe that the Founding Fathers were not people of faith or if they were they were Deists… believing that God did create the universe, but then abandoned it, provides no direction in our personal lives or providential guidance to events on earth, exerts no influence on natural phenomena, and gives no supernatural revelation.

It is notable too, that synonyms for Deism include “agnostic,” and “atheist”

So there actually is a range for Deism that spans from those who believe in a distant, impersonal creator of the universe, to those who believe there is no way to know if God exists, to those who believe there is no God.

But the question is, “Do the Founders fit any of these definitions?”

Typically, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin are labeled as Deists and then all the rest of the Founders are lumped in with them.   It can be found, that Jefferson and Franklin expressed a variety of beliefs during their lifetimes, some of which would not be considered orthodox Christianity. But in contrast they do not fit into the definition of Deism either as both acknowledge God exists and that He intervenes in the affairs of men- that He leads, guides, provides wisdom and insight, blesses a nation that follows his precepts and judges nations that don’t.

Moreover, it is unfair to take two founders and try and make all the founders fit their views. Most people do not realize that there are over 250 men considered to be “Founding Fathers” who played significant roles before, during and after the War for Independence and the forming of our US Constitutional System. This included over 56 who signed our Declaration, 55 who served at the Constitutional Convention, and 90 who helped frame the Bill of Rights. Of course there are some overlaps in these groups, but dozens and even hundreds of others had tremendous influence and impact during these times.

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* Note the push back in some of the comments section that don’t like these facts presented. You see if God is active in the affairs of men and women and assesses the motives of our hearts, then we are accountable to Him.   This idea of a personal God that holds us responsible for our actions makes many people chafe as they would rather “do what was right in their own eyes” and be accountable only to themselves.