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16 Founding Era Pastors - Christian Civics Training - Biblical Civics Biblical CivicsDear Pastor,

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You follow in the footsteps of a great cloud of witnesses that go back over 4,000 years.  In Exodus 18:21, Jethro, Moses father-in-law, gave the requirements for excellent civic leadership.

"But select capable men from all the people—men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain—and appoint them as officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens."

Moses immediately put this into practice - in both the requirements for civic leadership and in the structure of the Hebrew Republic.

Then these principles fell out of disuse for thousands of years.

Finally, during the Reformation period, there was an awakening again to these principles of biblical civics.   First, the reformers themselves discovered these truths.  Then the Puritans and Pilgrims began to put them into practice and carried the seed of these ideas to the American Continent. These seed ideas were put into the Mayflower Compact.  Then for over a century, the pulpits of colonial America taught these truths until they came into fuller blossom in the Declaration of Independence, the State Constitutions and the US Constitutional System.

02 Four Keys To Healthy Society - Christian Civics Training - Biblical CivicsDormant again for 100 years

Now once again these biblical truths have laid dormant for 100 years.  The pulpits of America have fallen silent.  Political and Societal leaders have told American pastors that moral and social issues are now Political Issues and that they cannot talk about these things from the pulpit.  Pastors have believed this lie.  Where in the scriptures does it say that the civil government can tell a pastor what he can and cannot preach about.  For 300 years, from Jamestown and Plymouth's founding until the early 1910s, American pulpits spoke about any topic at any time bringing biblical truth to bear on the issues of the day.   Our society is rotting because of the silence of the pulpit.

A Starting Place to Remember Once Again - The 4 Keys to a Healthy Society

The set of webinars below is key to understanding God's design for a healthy society. The Four Keys are how God dispenses certain responsibilities to four entities– the individual, the family, the church, and civil government.

When these four entities are fulfilling the responsibilities designated to their sphere, society prospers. When these four entities fail in their areas of responsibility, or even worse when one of the entities usurps (unlawfully takes away) the responsibilities of areas it is not designed to be in charge of, society decays.  These ancient truths form the biblical basis for the US Constitutional System.   Their lack of attention and putting them into practice for the last 100 years has resulted in a society that is a free fall of moral decay.

Civics vs. Politics

Also of critical importance is the understanding of the difference between civics and politics.   Politics is about: personality, persona, power.   Civics is about character, citizenship, and principles.    This important video element makes these concepts particularly clear and will go a great way to encourage you that your church can find it's voice again on biblical civics.

What next

It is a time for a renewal of this understanding as well as a remembering of what God has done through his might deeds in the history of our nation.  An African American pastor speaking to a national pastors conference said this -

"It all comes down to this.  If you believe that America and America's founding was a Providential act of God, this is imminently important that we remember again.  If you believe that America was just a cosmic accident, you can move on."

This Christian Civics Training Center is for a remnant - a remnant that believes God has a purpose and design for America that he still desires to fulfill, but that pastors and churches need to wake up to their holy calling.

A great first step is considering a Christian Civics Sunday.   Please go to the main navigation bar and check it out.

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