Religious Freedom Day

11 Separation Church State 4 - Christian Civics Training - Biblical CivicsThe United States has a little known holiday that occurs every January 16th – Religious Freedom Day – a celebration of our first freedom that trumps all others. It's history is tied back to the Virginia Statues of 1786 where freedom of religion within the state of Virginia was codified into law

Today it is important for Students, Teachers, Parents to know that they do not have to check their faith at the door of public places including public schools. Even the Department of Education knows this and has issued a 7 point report outlining the Religious Freedom that students have at school. Every Public Official, Administrator, Teacher, and Student should understand their rights in this area.

However, there is a vocal minority that seeks to force the surrendering of this freedom in public places by intimidating with threat of lawsuit and continuously conducting mis-information campaigns. The result is that many school and town officials simply cave under the intimidation. So citizens rather than having religious liberty as provided for in the Constitution, have the opposite – religious intimidation and even persecution.

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