US National Covenant

Constitutional Commencement Day – National Covenant Day

08a George Washington Oath - Christian Civics Training - Biblical CivicsOn April 30, 1789, the US Constitution was put into operation.   It commenced.  Frequently referred to as George Washington’s Inauguration Day, a better title would be Constitutional Commencement Day.  Or even US National Covenant Day.

The events of the day and the sentiments of those gathered have long been forgotten from our collective memory.  We forget them at our peril.

The day is rooted in a long history of civil covenants and even reflects some biblical models of covenant making. The day began with a call to all of the citizens of New York and other states to a time of solemn prayer for the new federal constitution that was going to be put into place.

George Washington, knew the precedents he would set that day would be looked to in the future as both a model for the ceremony but as a reflection of who we are as a people. Taking his oath on an open Bible and at the end adding to his oath, “so help me God”.

Then in his inaugural address he acknowledged the hand of God in the establishment of our nation, acknowledgied that we can only succeed as a nation if we always remember God and his blessings, and closing in prayer of asking the continuance of God’s blessings.

Then upon the conclusion of his Inaugural Address the president, the entire House of Representatives and Senate, the Supreme Court Justices and other federal leaders made a solemn walk of several blocks to St. Paul’s Cathedral to a church service that dedicated the national government to God’s direction and care. Including a sermon from Bishop Samuel Provost, both pastor of the church and chaplain to the Congress.

To know and understand what took place that day gives citizens incredible insight into how our government was designed to run and how far off course we are as a nation.