Jan 19

MLK Day – Race Relations – A life changing perspective

The greatest voices for civil rights of the last two centuries have been Frederick Douglas in the 19th Century and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr in the 20th century.   We often forget that Dr. King was actually and pastor.  And Frederick Douglas was a man of deep faith.

Both of these mean appealed to the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and Constitution for their positions.  They both made the case that it was the “content of a persons character” not the “color of their skin” that mattered.

There is an uneasiness today that these principles have been “sold out”.   There seems to be a constant push to move people into racial groups or victim groups and pit these groups against each other.   These great men would have none of that.

These video below seek to explore and rectifiy this problem.  This eye opening series will seek to unite us and to allow people of all colors and ethnicities to see themselves in God’s grand plan. This series takes a look at the current state of things, but also goes way back in history not just hundreds of years, but thousands of years where we discover some profound truths.

Let’s Dream together.

Race Relations and its impact in the United States

The Larger Historical View

Black Americans Finding Their Story in God’s Story and in the U.S. Story

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