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55 - Annual Campaign - Christian Civics Training - Biblical CivicsAnnual Campaign 2015 PDF

Goal of the Annual Campaign

To raise $30,000 to serve 40,000 training videos to individuals, groups, schools, and churches.

Purpose of the Christian Civics Training Initiative

  1. To transform our culture/society by training tens of thousands of Christians each year on the biblical principles of a healthy society , the founding principles and documents of the United States, and the providential activity of God in our nations history
  2. To ensure that this and future generations have the religious freedom to live out and share their faith.
  3. To equip believers to be both salt and light in culture as well as winsome in sharing their faith.
  4. To serve and equip the local church to recapture it’s “cultural voice”


The Problem – Civic Ignorance

Multiple civics studies over the last several years clearly indicate we are losing our understanding of our country’s founding principles and our legacy of freedom and liberty. Consider just a few of these statistics:

  • 79% of elected officials fail basic civics knowledge tests
  • 71% of American adults fail basic civics knowledge tests
  • 51% of American adults could not name the three branches of government
  • 49% of young adults under age 24 think America’s founding documents are irrelevant
  • 30% of elected officials did not know that “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are the inalienable rights referred to in the Declaration of Independence
  • 27% of American adults cannot name one freedom that the first amendment guarantees

A majority of students leaving college have a less favorable view of the country than the general population and little additional civic knowledge.

We have a complete systematic failure of teaching the foundational principles of freedom and liberty and the founding documents of the United States in public schools, colleges and other institutions that shape society like government, media, corporations, religious institutions and non-profits.

America’s Founders were convinced American freedom could survive only if each generation understood its founding principles and the sacrifices made to maintain it.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." – Thomas Jefferson


The Problem – Attacks on Religious Freedom

The Civic Ignorance problem is leading to an even greater problem. Religious Freedom is under tremendous assault in the United States through government officials, judges, corporations, schools, universities, television, and Hollywood. This is happening very quickly and raising huge concerns for those who are paying attention. The freedom for this generation and the next generation to live out and share their faith is being greatly eroded.


The Solution

To provide a free, systematic civics curriculum that builds principle upon principle for a student and adult audience that can be viewed over the internet and used to share with others. This is a long term project that gets to the root of the issue – lack of civic knowledge in the citizenry of the country. It has taken us 100 years to get to this point (1913 until now), so it is going to take time to regain the heritage that has been lost.

Only by systematically teaching in an engaging way the biblical principles of a healthy society and biblical civics and also using today’s best technologies, can we regain our national understanding of the founding principles of our country, preserve religious freedom and liberty in our nation, and be a beacon of freedom and liberty to the world.


Our Initiative

The Christian Civics Training Initiative serves tens of thousands of students, new college graduates, teachers, professors, young professionals, marketplace leaders, homeschoolers and church and civic leaders each year.   As viewers interact with us we are able to engage them in discussions on faith, cultivating a biblical worldview, and how to winsomely share their faith with others.

The Growth of Viewership

The chart above shows the incredible growth of viewership of some of the primary videos in our initiative. We now top 30,000 video views served each year with an estimated impact of almost 75,000 people annually. (each view has an estimated impact on 2.5 people – either watching as group or concepts shared with others)


  • “Wow - good content - it's like "The U.S. Constitution for Dummies." I like the visuals on the Constitution itself - good job!”
  • “This should be mandatory in all schools around the nation.”
  • “I am definitely going to use this in my classroom. Thanks”.
  • “Thank you for doing this, This will help lot's of people that need to know our Constitution and why this country is so great.” “Excellent job! Jefferson would be proud.”
  • “Thanks for this, I love studying American history and this helps very much to understand the Declaration in a much better way.”
  • “An amazing video. I am a Canadian, but seeing this video can really explain how important the foundations of a nation really is and you have done an exceptional job in analyzing and explaining these concepts.”
  • “I appreciate your simple, thoughtful description of the Constitution….. this video should have 7,000,000 views. I am going forward them to everyone I know. Again, thank you!”


We have a proven track record and will serve 30,000+ video trainings this year, impacting over 75,000+ people (all for free) because of the generosity of our visionary ministry partners.

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Would you consider joining us and making a contribution to help us impact the world?  The loss of liberty is always just ONE generation away.