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08 US Constitution - Christian Civics Training - Biblical CivicsThe US Constitution is oldest Constitution in operation in world history.   In 2014, it achieved 225 years of continuous use.   The US Constitution is also unique in all the world   The United States Constitution is designed to restrain the power of government in order that it’s citizens can live most free.   Other Constitutions around the world grant a list of rights granted by government.   The US Constitution assumes that the people have all the rights given to them by God and only a few rights are given up in order to provide order to society.

The US Constitution, like the Declaration of Independence is another aspect of what traditionally was understood as “American Exceptionalism”.   A Constitution that is the “exception” to the what is normal in the rest of the world.

In these overview webinars you will learn about the importance of the first 52 words of the Constitution that frame the purpose of the Constitution and guide how the rest of the Constitution should be understood.   Additionally, on screen graphics will give you a feel for how the Constitution is laid out and that even in its layout there is an intended purpose that should guide our understanding.


US Constitution Commentary - George Washington Farewell Address

08c George Washington Farewell - Christian Civics Training - Biblical CivicsConstitution Day is September 17, 1787, the day the US Constitution was ratified by the States. April 30, 1789 is actually when the US Constitutional System was put into operation when George Washington was sworn into office.

Washington would serve two 4 year terms in office.   As the end of his second term drew near, he used the 9 year anniversary of Constitution Day to publish his Farewell Address.   His Address was not a spoken message but appeared in newspapers around the nation on September 17, 1796.

The significance of this date cannot be overemphasized when you realize that the content of his Farewell Address serves as a literal commentary on the US Constitution including - why it should be cherished, how it should be protected from conniving men, and a review of the undergirding principles that make the United States a unique Constitutional Republic.

Studying Washington’s Farewell Address used to be one of the 4 pillars of US Civics Studies.

It has long been forgotten and been deemed too difficult to read and understand by today’s soft-minded citizens.   This video series is designed to change that. Here then is George Washington’s short course on the Constitution.


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