The Cycle of Freedom

03 Cycle of Freedom - Christian Civics Training - Biblical CivicsMost people tend to view the world around them in terms of their life span.

This is a short-sighted view and keeps people from seeing the bigger picture.

This series takes a look at broad sweeps of history and discovers a pattern that is seen to occur over and over again in the lives of nations and people groups

Whenever this the Cycle of Freedom graphic is shown to someone and they are asked “where do they feel their nation is on this cycle?”, they are usually able to pick a word in just seconds.

This sequence has frequently been called “The Fatal Sequence” and has been attributed to Scottish Historian and Author, Alexander Tytler (Tyler). However, more thorough research however reveals that is expression in this particular form comes from the insight of manufacturing CEO of the 1950s who was well studied in world history and was able to distill his observations down into this cycle.

Author and Cultural Thought Leader, Os Guinness makes this remark about the observable patterns of history.

“This cycle of change is so clear and observable that if anyone takes the trouble to understand it and its causes, they would be able to apply the insight to the history of any nation and assess accurately where the nation is in its cycle of growth or decline at any moment.”

And Winston Churchill has these astute words that we ignore to our peril.

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

This series will open your eyes and expand greatly your ability to see the patterns of history and engage others in discussion. [note – The Cycle of Freedom Cards can be ordered from the on-line store]