Role of the Church

16 Local Church - Christian Civics Training - Biblical CivicsIf you have explored this site at all, you know that the role of the church in teaching Biblical Civics is critical to the future of our nation.   The pastors and preachers of the reformation and early colonial period brought fourth into full blossom the four components of a healthy society and the specific role that civil government was to play. This brought us the Declaration of Independence, the State Constitutions, and eventually the US Constitutional System.

Today this history is completely abandoned.   It has not been taught in public schools, universities, the media, modern history books, civics groups. And yet this flame of biblical civics has remained lit by a small remnant of families, homeschoolers, and Christian Schools.

Our future, rests of the church. It is a time of choosing. Will pastors and church leaders re-learn and preach again these great biblical concepts or will the light of liberty finally be extinguished in the United States.

Like the scene in Star Wars where Princess Leia sends a message to Obi Won Kenobi “you are only hope”.   The church “is our nations only hope”