The Rise of the Elites

How Should we then live - Francis Schaeffer - Profile

What is this Series About and why is this topic important?
In 1976, author, speaker, and cultural thinker, Francis Schaeffer put together a film series that spoke to this issue – The Rise of a Ruling Class of Elites.   At the time, the bicentennial of America’s founding was taking place and many were interested in looking into the foundations of freedom again.

And yet Schaeffer, with a mastery of history and cultural trends, warned of a future where people would give up their liberties for the values of personal peace and affluence and that gradually over time the base of freedom would be lost and arbitrary absolutes would be given by an “elite”.   His words, some 40 years later, appear to be prophetic.

Self government rests on the idea of freedom and liberty and for the individual to have the maximum ability to make their own choices and enjoy or suffer the consequences of those choices.

A Ruling Class of Elites has a different idea. They feel they have superior knowledge and ideas and they seek to exercise ever expanding control over individuals thus eliminating choices and personal freedom.

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How Should We Then Live  - The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture

A Ten part film series

How Should we then live - Francis Schaeffer

"Perhaps no intellectual save C. S. Lewis affected the thinking of [a wide group of people] more profoundly, perhaps no leader of the period save Billy Graham left a deeper stamp … as a whole.” ~ Michael Hamilton , Publisher