Free Training II

01 Ancient Truths 3 - Christian Civics Training - Biblical CivicsThis section is a continuation of the first tab labeled Free Training.   There is a natural flow of topics from Free Training I to Free Training II.

There is a noteworthy scripture passage in 1 Chronicles 12 in the Old Testament of the Bible..   In Chapter 12, the author is going through the list of King David's Might Men.   These men had done amazing things in battle and demonstrated great acts of heroism and courage.

In the middle of this listing of Might Men, in verse 32, we come upon a group of men whose battle accomplishments are not highlighted, but there wisdom.  This stands as stark contrast to the rest of the list.   Might those who are investing deeply in this training website be like the men of Issachar.

"The Men of Issachar were wise and understood the times and knew what to do."  ~ 1 Chronicles 12:32