Lessons from Titanic

42 - Lessons from Titanic - Christian Civics Training - Biblical CivicsAn event that has lessons for society and culture today.......

The sinking of the Titanic occurred on April 15, 1912. At the time that it occurred it shocked the world.   It was a near global event for that time period. Over 100 years later, the story of Titanic still captures the hearts and minds of men and women. (Last Letter of Titanic to be Auctioned)

We believe there are significant cultural and civic lessons to be learned from this tragic event including: the power of human arrogance, the trap of group-think, examples of bravery and cowardice and more.

As you watch these videos, consider that everyone of the day thought Titanic was unsinkable.  Much the same way that most Americans believe the United States is unsinkable and will always recover from her folly today. Does this "group think" paralyze us from action?