Understanding Our Approach

55 - Strategy Chart - Christian Civics Training - Biblical CivicsAs you watch video content at this site, you will notice three things:

  1. We introduce and close each video no matter how long or short with a statement of it's title and a statement of the video presenter's name at either the beginning of end
  2. Different website names might be displayed on the videos open or close
  3. Some videos have an advertisement on the front end or at the bottom

This might create a somewhat unusual training experience as you use this site, as you might wonder why is the speaker always introducing himself and why are these other sites mentioned.

Knowing part of our history and strategy will help you to understand why these features exist.

1. The statement of video title and speakers name in every video

This training initiative started as a viral video initiative on YOUTUBE and still is a viral initiative today.  People searching the internet on different topics find our videos…. Maybe one, two or several.   In this viral environment, these short videos are like stand alone short commentaries. Think about 3 minute commentaries you have heard on the radio before, the speaker starts with a title, makes his commentary, and closes with his/her name or their organizations name.   This is the strategic reason we have done the same.

So this Christian Civics Training website actually draws together this viral video content that exists on several YOUTUBE channels, other streaming servers, and on other social media and organizes it and consolidates it for you.

If this project s intent was to only be a training website, we would do away with introducing every title and stating of speakers name.   But because at it’s heart it is a viral initiative, these features are there.

2. Different website names that are referred to

Because of the scope and size of the problem of civic ignorance our goal has to been to reach and train as many people as possible.   People of strong faith and beliefs as well as a general audience.

A lot of our civics content is geared toward a general audience and every US Citizen needs to understand and hear.  For this general audience content, we typically refer to our general audience civics training site – www.USCivicsTraining.org at the beginning and end of the video. This is a site you can use to refer anyone in your sphere of influence to that has concerns for our national direction but they don’t yet have a personal faith themselves or would not yet be ready to consider God’s Providences and the Bible's impact on the development of our nation.   This site is also great for referring public school teachers and children to, workplace groups, and other civics groups.

Of course you will find www.ChristianCivicsTraining.org referred to as well in many of the video openings and closings. When we do this, you know that the content goes a lot deeper spiritually and will really resonate with people of faith.

You may also find some additional sites referred to from time to time that are either part of a strategic initiative or have some tie into the video content.

3. Occasional Advertising on Videos

Some of our video content includes a 3 second ad at the beginning or underneath that a viewer is able to click off after it plays for a few seconds.   YOUTUBE users are very familiar with these ads and seeing them is almost second nature for them.

The reason ads exist on some of our videos is again because of the viral nature of this initiative. Because these videos are stand alone offerings out on the internet if you allow a 3 second ad on your video it actually enhances your placement in search engine results.

So having an ad associated with some of our video content actually results in more views and viewers because search engines, Google in particular, places the video up higher in it’s search engine results.

Again, if we were just running a Training Site alone, we would not place ads on our video content. But because this website is a consolidator of already viral content, the ads remain as a part of the video.

Closing Thought

We hope this gives you some insight into the nature of our content and why it is structured as it is.

We also hope that as you engage in training at this website and experience the video content you realize you are participating in a viral movement that is impacting tens of thousands of people a year and the structure of the content is what allows us to achieve that.