Lies, Deception, Deep State

There is a growing realization in our land, across party lines, that there is an unaccountable bureaucratic Deep State.  This group of individuals and bureaucracies seem to have a singular goal - accumulate and maintain power.

There are a variety of areas where this could be explored, but the area of economics is one that should hold interest to people no matter their party persuasion.

In our work in history and economics, I have come across these award winning educational seminars that take a deep look at our financial system and shows what is really going on.  (I will mention the first 60 seconds of each video are designed to build excitement, so please watch at least 4 to 5 minutes in before you pass judgment)

There is some ancient literature that speaks about a great group of leaders, the Men of Issachar.  It is said of them, "They Understood the Times and Knew What to Do.